2019-2020 Provisional Member Application

JLTW Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Junior League welcomes all women who value our Mission.  We are committed to inclusive environments of individuals, organizations and communities.


Obligations of New 2019-2020 Provisional Members

Attendance Requirements:

A. Attend one JLTW information session

B. New Member Orientation – August 24th, 2019 8:30 am - 4:30pm

C. Provisional Class Meetings – September 10th, 2019 to May 7th, 2020; We offer 12 meetings during the course and you must attend at least 8.  They will almost always be on a Tuesday night.

D. In addition to Tuesday evening meetings:
    i. Work three shifts at Holiday Market in November 2019 
    (November 21st - 24th)
    ii. Attend a minimum of three General Meetings (typically Tuesday evenings) during the
    League year
    iii. Volunteer at five  JLTW community shifts of your choosing
    iv. Involvement in planning the Provisional Class Project (Giving Gown Foundation
    event in March or April 2020)
    v. Work a minimum of two shifts on the Provisional Class Project during the Giving 
    Gown Boutique Days

Financial Obligations:

A. 2019-2020 New Member Dues: $120.00 due July 31, 2019 (non-refundable)

B. 2019-2020 Provisional Course Fee: $35.00 due July 31, 2019 (non-refundable)

C. JLTW Name Tag $10.00 due July 31, 2019 (non-refundable)

i. You will receive two name tags. One will be first name only. The second will be first and last name.

D. JLTW Service Shirt (Sizes XS-3XL) $15.00 due July 31, 2019 (non-refundable)

E. 2020-2021 Membership Dues: $120.00 due March 1, 2020

Fundraising Obligations:

A. Obtain two “Fundraising Credits” related to JLTW fundraisers. These may be
    obtained through sponsorships, donations, or volunteering at or attending various
    fundraising events. Each credit opportunity is valued at $100.00.

B. Holiday Market Ticket obligation of $180.00 (purchase/sell tickets).

C. JLTW Cookbook (Texas Tables): Purchase a total of five cookbooks during your Provisional year (by April 1, 2020).

Demographic Data

JLTW is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we view data as an essential tool to practice this commitment. Therefore, the demographic data being collected will serve multiple purposes: 1) to help us understand how we reflect the communities we serve, 2) to equip our leaders with critical data to better serve our members and the needs of our communities, and 3) to track our progress with Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Your answers will remain anonymous.  Thank you for taking the time to fill out this information, as you are helping make our League better!


To ensure that all members are receiving communications, JLTW is interested in learning your preferences.


Provisional Member Acceptance and Signature

Please complete the Provisional Member Application Form online by July 31st, 2019. Please pay the following dues and fees in the amount of $180.00 ($120 New Member dues, $35 Provisional Course fee, $15 Service Shirt Fee and $10 Name Tag fee) online by July 31, 2019.

Please be aware that membership acceptance will be capped due to capacity restrictions at JLTW Headquarters. We encourage you to submit application and payment well in advance of the July 31st deadline to ensure your spot in our 2019-2020 New Member class.